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Buildings and ideas without limits”

Informative articles and tips about real estate and architecture.


I develop all design elements and features for my real estate projects according to my personal targets and goals.


From the idea to financing, all necessary steps are planned by me. Detailed drawing and planning are assigned to young aspiring architects.


My economical and technical knowledge allows me to monitor every construction project myself to make sure everything goes according to plan requirements.

Creative ideas from creative minds

Constantly changing demands on the market require sustainable concepts to increase the value of real estate.

A representation of my projects

Future-oriented architecture

Zirkel Immobilien

Some of my buildings and properties are sold exclusively through our partner platform Zirkel Immobilien. Find all required details about size, availability, pricing and more on their real estate platform. Managing Director Tatjiana Bokhiyeva will personally take care of your enquiries and is more than happy to arrange an appointment with you.

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